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Sports Talk Podcast: April 26, 2017

Arkansas Hawks chairman Bill Ingram explains why high school football in Central Arkansas is taking a nosedive. Plus could Bret Bielema be in the top 3 of SEC West coaches?

Sports Talk Podcast: April 25, 2017

ESPN CFB and draft analyst Kevin Weidl breaks down which Razorbacks have the best chance to get drafted, the crew discusses things that could make spring games better, and a look at why parents should encourage their kids to play multiple sports.

Sports Talk Podcast: April 24, 2017

Clay critiques Bo’s questioning of Brooks Ellis, ESPN’s Brock Huard with what he learned from an inside look at officiating during Georgia’s spring game, and the crew debates whether Babe Ruth was overrated in the “Good, Bad and Ugly” from the weekend.

Sports Talk Podcast: April 21, 2017

Brooks Ellis joins Bo in studio to discuss what led to Arkansas’ defensive struggles last year. Plus a review of the best moments from the week in “Friday’s at 5”.


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Bret Bielema Recaps NSD 2017 & Has Passionate Message for Arkansas Fans

Arkansas head coach taking positive outlook into 2017

By Bart Pohlman

If Arkansas football is in a bad place, then it’s news to head coach Bret Bielema.

“We’re nowhere close to where we can be, but we’re a hell of a long ways from where we were,” Bielema said on Sports Talk on Wednesday. “It’s a great job. It’s a great atmosphere. Our kids love it, they’re hungry, and I think they’re excited about where we can go.”

It’s clear the Head Hog has no room for the haters.

“I think the negative nellys out there that want to be that way, the 10 percent of them that exist, they’re never going to change,” Bielema said. “They live in a rainy day every day. I want to give them a little sunshine every once in a while, but if they don’t want to get out of it, they can stay in it.”

After wrapping up his fifth National Signing Day as coach of the Razorbacks with a class that ranks 28th nationally per, Bielema said his message to recruits was one that shows just how far the program has come over the past four seasons.

“You know my first 20 games here as a head coach, we finished tied for 14th—last place in the SEC in the first 20 games, tied with Kentucky,” Bielema said. “…We currently, in the last 20 games, finished up tied for fourth. Alabama is No.1, undefeated through those last 20. No. 2 is Tennessee. I believe No. 3 was LSU and then we were tied for fourth. If we had won the last two, we’d be tied for second. If we had won one of the last two, we’d be tied for third. We lost them both, so we’re tied for fourth.”

“So during my time here, if someone can’t comprehend going from 14th in the SEC to fourth—we’ve played the second-highest number of ranked teams in the conference other than Alabama—if someone can’t do that simple math, I’ve got a math class I’ll show him.”

To the math: In Bielema’s first 20 games at Arkansas, the Razorbacks were 7-13. But in the past 20 games, the record is flipped, and the Hogs have a 13-7 record over that stretch.

“Everybody wants a now, wants an automatic correction, wants to be playing in the SEC Championship Game, and we’re going to get there,” Bielema said.

“It’s a work in progress, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.”

Listen to the full interview with Bielema below: